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Shifting Gears

It’s amazing how quickly my Instagram has grown! I appreciate all of you that visit me in my kitchen each time I post. I had no idea things would progress like this (!!) which is super cool, but also… a lot. In order to not pull my hair out trying to meet the demand, I’m going back to basics and my original intent: inspiration. Just posting my lil’ cooking videos and photos on my side Instagram, not writing recipes or making tutorials.

In comes the cookbook! I still don’t have any desire to become a content creator or monetize my audience, but there are so many recipe requests omg and I want develop quality ones that you’ll love. Doing so takes time and effort, which isn’t free. Well, not mine, anyway. ?

The working title is As Seen On IG, but it might change. It’s scheduled to drop on December 9th. It will contain 20 original recipes. and a few recipes will include links to detailed YouTube tutorials available only to purchasers. You can find out more details by clicking here.

Outside of that, any recipes or YouTube tutorials I drop will be on a whim; rare and random. All this seemed a lot more manageable a few months ago, and I’m taking the pressure off of myself. Instagram will be business as usual of course, and I’ll still be in the comments trying to help where I can. I don’t use FaceBook or Twitter, but I secured my rightful digital real estate and things will continue to aggregate there.

Pre-orders of the ebook are available for a discounted rate of $12 dollars. Preorder pricing ends on November 1st. Pre-orders have ended. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Thanks for being here.


P.S. If you haven’t checked out my FAQ, please do. If you have already, I’ve revamped it so have another look.

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