Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics:

If one exists I’ve either already provided it, or I’ve told you where to find it. All of my written recipes are available on this website, either for free or in one of my ebooks. If you don’t see it here, I don’t have one. If you hadn’t noticed, my Instagram page is on a grid layout – three across each time: Generally this is as close to a recipe as it’ll get because I very rarely use them, but if I did it’s detailed in one of the three captions so make sure you always check those to avoid asking for information that’s riiiight there.  

This is purposeful: I plan to offer some curated, small-batch items for sale in the near future. ?I’ve always loved playing with spices and aromatics and I make more blends, sauces, rubs, and marinades for myself at home than I purchase. Sometimes I share all of the spices and seasonings I used in a meal, sometimes I only show some of them, and other times I don’t show them at all. For a full list of all the spices and seasonings in my cabinet, check out my Pantry Essentials. I encourage you to experiment with flavors on your own because remember: taste is subjective!

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(or the title, if we’re talking IGTV.)

I’ve created a page with all of the equipment I use calling Cooking Essentials. It contains absolutely everything along with links you can use to purchase or learn more about each item. Another resource is my Amazon Storefront. When you buy items directly from my storefront I receive a small commission, which helps offset the costs of running this website and providing y’all with free recipes and such.

**NOTE: Currently Amazon workers are on strike in an effort to secure better conditions and compensation for the challenges faced since the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced. Feel free to browse my kitchen via my storefront and learn about what I use, but I recommend not crossing the picket line and purchasing the items from somewhere else.

Are you sure I haven’t already? There are almost 1,000 posts on my Instagram page, so scroll back and explore! I don’t take suggestions for what I post on Instagram but if there’s anything you’d like to see me develop a YouTube tutorial and/or written recipe for fill out this form to make a recipe request. I’ll crosspost content to Instagram as applicable.

I record under natural light using my iPhone XS Max. I use this cheap selfie stand to hold the phone while I’m doing my thing (it clips onto my countertops). I edit my videos using the InShot app with music that I own. My videos get flagged by record labels and removed all the time: there is no trick you can use to circumvent copyright restrictions.

Same thing: I use my iPhone and natural light. I edit the ingredients posts with HujiCam and the final dish photos with VSCO.

Check out the guide I’ve created on purchasing and downloading the ebooks I currently have available in my online store.

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Q: What’s in the squeeze bottle?

A: I keep plain ol’ vegetable oil in it. It sits beside the stove with a salt cellar and my utensil caddy, for ease. Variety is the spice of life tho so you’ll see me use all kinds of fats when I cook: ghee, different types of olive oils, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, duck fat, peanut oil, multiple kinds of butter… obviously I could go on and on (? I could explain every natural phenomenon).

Q: Where do you find beef bacon?

A: I use Gwaltney brand most often because it’s what I grew up on, and can usually find it at Walmart or independent grocers. There’s a store locator on their website and I suggest calling first to make sure it’s actually in stock before you make a trip.

There are also farms and online butchers that will ship beef bacon to your door, and halal/kosher butchers and markets often carry it as well.

Q: Can you recommend any good cookware/knives/cutting boards/etc?

A: I’ve listed everything I use in my own kitchen called Cooking Essentials where you can find all of my used, tried, and true equipment. I’ve also gathered most things in my Amazon Storefront. I get a lil’ money off the top each time you purchase something from there (it does not cost you more) so thank you if you do decide to pick up something.

Don’t buy anything from Amazon right now tho. Workers are on strike; don’t break the picket line on my behalf! Feel free to research the items in my storefront but try to purchase elsewhere if you can.

Q: Why are your [Instagram] comments limited?

A: Bots. Self-promoters. Spammers. And, I try to answer as many questions as I can, and I realized I was missing replying to folks that follow me to answer questions from those that aren’t. Limiting comments helped me streamline where to direct my attention.

It’s also lessened how many people I have to block. I’m very block happy; I think of it like closing the door in someone’s face when they’re in the middle of a sentence and it pleases me, greatly. This is all my shit and I govern it how I see fit.

Q: How did you learn to cook? Do you have any tips for beginners?

A: I’m entirely self-taught. I don’t remember ever struggling terribly with cooking; from what I recall it always felt like second nature to me (but I also started almost 20 years ago now, so I could be misremembering).

I plan to populate this website with plenty of information to help y’all become more comfortable and/or proficient in the kitchen (make suggestions for what you’d like to see here) in the future, but for now, my advice is to learn the science behind what you’re doing; master the basic elements; then experiment and have a good time. Practice makes perfect, and for me, there’s no better way to learn than by doing.

Q: Do you offer catering or sell plates?

A: No, I do not sell food. I’m not a chef; I only cook for people I love. But!! I’m so lucky to be surrounded by this amazing community and many of you feel like cousins I haven’t seen in a while at this point. I often find myself reading through my comments and thinking “you could totally get a plate!

Follow @dfhirl for updates on how and when you can pull up a seat at my table (as long as you’re not a misogynist, transphobe, bigot, hotep, republican, or otherwise terrible person).

Q: Who are you?

A: I’m María and you can read a lil’ bit more about me here. deepfriedhoney is about food, not about me, so I’ll just hang out in the background if you don’t mind.

Q: How do you stay small eating all of this food?

A: The caloric balance equation: I don’t consume more calories than I expend on an average day (and I don’t have any underlying health issues that affect my weight management). I don’t eat most of the things I post (picky eater, remember), and I have a very small appetite. My husband isn’t picky at all and loves being in the gym.

What I post online is a sample of what we consume. Most of what my husband eats is meal prepped to make sure he meets his macros and I live on mostly fruit and potato chips (and corn chips, I really like chips). @deepfriedhoney isn’t a food diary – I only post one meal a few times per week, how could it be? – and I’m not here to give anyone dietary or lifestyle advice; there are plenty of other great sources for that.

In the future I’ll write up a post on how I meal-prep to quell the curious; in the meantime if you scroll back to the very beginning of my Instagram page you’ll find some old photos of it.

Note: it’s not lost on me that some folks wouldn’t ask this question so politely if I still weighed 200 pounds because fatphobia exists. Weight and health are not as directly correlated as you might think, and for those people I have a book recommendation: Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia.