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Instagram Playlist: The Soundtrack

instagram playlist

If you traveled here from Instagram you probably are looking for my Instagram Playlist, and here it is! I’m sure you can already tell that I really love music.

Many genres of music; many eras. I haven’t used in years, but it’s still a pretty comprehensive overview of my tastes, aside from recent stuff. I think my eclecticism was inherited from my mom, as she’s the same way.

I was raised by my grandparents who only listened to gospel music, save for the rare Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash or Johnny Mathis.

I’ve compiled all of the songs I’ve used in my Instagram posts – and stories – in an Apple Music playlist. It will be updated weekly (mostly, I can get distracted easily).

If you’d like to see my playlist of what I’m generally listening to myself when cooking click here. Tap on the title of the playlist to open it in Apple Music.

No, I do not have a Spotify version; I canceled my subscription once Apple Music was released.

Feel free to duplicate it on any other streaming service for your convenience but if you make it public ensure you give me credit for my amazing taste in music. ?

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