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Cooking Playlist: In My Kitchen

Introducing my cooking playlist! Note: this is not the playlist that collects the music used in my Instagram videos. That one is called The Soundtrack and can be found here.

Updated 04.07.21: I’ve synced my playlists to Spotify and TIDAL for those that use those! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the Apple Music version. I try to update them at least once per month.

I pretty much always listen to music while I’m cooking (and cleaning). Pretty surprised none of my neighbors have come knocking to ask me to shut up when I’m singing at the top of my lungs for an hour+, actually.

Below you’ll find my most frequented playlist: it’s mostly R&B and soul (with a few gospel songs I grew up on thrown in) ranging from the 40’s to the early 00’s. Everything from Sam Cooke before he went secular to Bobby Caldwell (who I thought was black like everybody else until just a few years ago). I update it often. Fairly often. Well, I try to but I get crazy distracted very easily so I definitely will lapse in updating this cooking playlist but it’s always full of hits regardless.

Have any songs that seem like they’d go well in this playlist? Send them to me! There are too many oldies and goodies in existence for me to remember them all. You can reach me via email or by using the contact form available here on my website.

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