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My First Cookbook is Live!

I’ve titled my first cookbook As Seen On IG. It was originally scheduled for December 9th, but I surprised myself.

Thank you to everyone that pre-ordered it, you guys really lit a fire under my ass to get it out even more quickly. Don’t worry: I’m too anal-retentive to have rushed anything. It’s still quality af!

The book is over 5 pages including 20+ recipes, 5 exclusive YouTube Tutorials, equipment recommendations, a conversion chart and much more. It’s perfect for folks that are still getting used to being the kitchen, and for more experienced folks as well.

If you purchase it I hope you love it. After you’ve had some time to peruse it and try out a few recipes I hope you’ll return and leave a review.

It doesn’t need to positive, just honest! I would appreciate you leaving an honest review so much that I will email you another ebook, a mini one with 5 exclusive recipes, as a thank you!

Email me with any questions or concerns and I’ll be happy to assist. You can also use the contact form. If you pre-ordered your cookbook you should have received an email with instructions to download it already (email me if you haven’t).

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